Helping you plan your financial future
Give your finances a workout with one easy-to-use online platform

moneygym gives you complete visibility
Plan for your retirement

Simply answer a series of straightforward questions and enter information about your income, savings, investments and plans for the future.

Easy-to-use online dashboard

You can go back and change your options to see how different financial choices will inpact your income and savings.

All your investments in one place

With moneygym, you can look at everything in one place and get the guidance you need to make the best decisions about your financial future.

Personalised guidance

moneygym will help you make financial decisions that will make your money work harder and put you in good stead for today and protect you in the future

Make your money work harder

Create a personal budget to see an analysis of your current spending and see where you could save money and invest more for your future.

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